We aim to support our students growing as musicians and as individuals

In this modern age, music is more than just playing an instrument, it can also be writing, producing, recording, mixing, and releasing original music

We are a group of experienced music teachers offering online lessons to build the wide range of skills needed in music today.

You will find:

Private lessons

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, and Music Production/Recording

Group projects

Learn repertoire, recording and songwriting together in our group projects.

100% Online lessons

We are an online music school and conduct all lessons and group classes on Zoom. This allows our students to potentially connect with other musicians all over the globe.

An inclusive, safe environment

We believe music is for everyone. We are committed to maintaining a safe space for all students that is anti-racist and supportive of LGBTQ communities.

Our program offerings

Private Lessons

One on one instruction with our experienced teachers

Group Projects

Learn recording, songwriting and repertoire together!

Group Lessons

Learn your instrument in a fun group environment!


One off group classes on a wide range of engaging topics


Michelle Brayson

A teacher of 8 years with a deep love of pop, rock, metal and musical theater who also likes to nerd out about music theory.

Carl Germain

Carl is a lifelong musician and educator who has toured with Robert Fripp and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists, Motopony, Pickwick, and Golden Gardens, and others.

Dora Barnes

An opera singer and classical-based piano player who has taught music and songwriting for 7 years.

Eric Junge

A passionate music educator who has taught for 9 years and appreciates many styles of music.

Pat Fry

Pat has been playing in bands in Seattle since the early 90s with a passion for metal, punk, hardcore, and all things heavy.

What our students are saying

"I was in an adult group performance class with Carl. His mastery and love of music is unbeatable."

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